Vauban in numbers

Source: Stadtbezirksatlas 2015 on Vauban and Statistisches Jahrbuch 2017 of the city of Freiburg

Vauban in numbers
Total area of ​​Vauban41,3 ha
Built up area40,6 ha
traffic area0,7 ha
Total population5634
under 181413
Average age in years31.8
Dependency ratio (in%)29.9
Proportion of the elderly to the younger people (in%)16.9
Proportion of foreigners (in%)11.8
Proportion of Germans with a migration background (in%)8.2
Average length of stay at the address in years5.9
Employee share (in%)35.7
Unemployment rate (in%)2.1
Proportion of beneficiaries - Unemployment benefit I (in%)0.6
Share of Beneficiaries - Unemployment Benefit II (in%)3.5
Average number of apartments per apartment building5.7
Average living space per person in m²32.9
Average living space per apartment in m²92.5
Residents per apartment2.8
Private car per 1000 inhabitants183
Population density (inhabitants per hectare of populated area)136.5